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(Part 13) 1935 Trip to New York Scrapbook

Hello everyone.  Sorry for the delay this weekend.  Sometimes life interrupts art.  Let's begin...


The concert was good. We had ringside seats.  Frank Black conducted a Seth Bingham number.  He is tall, dark and slightly gray.  Philip James and Leo Somerby conducted also.  Philip James is a small, heavy set man.  Leo Somerby is red-headed.  We saw and heard a rehearsal of the N.B.C. Symphony Orchestra over a nation-wide hookup.  A red-haired girl sang and we could hardly hear her for the orchestra.  A girl played the harp, beautifully.  The annoucer talked like he had muck in his mouth.

Thursday Morn.

Arose at 7 o'clock.  Ate breakfast at "Childs."  Took the I.R.T. Subway to South Ferry.  Took boat ride of 10 minutes to the Statue of Liberty.  Tried to get a picture of the Lady before we got on the boat but the weather was too foggy.  It is a beautiful 10 minute ride from New York to the Statue.  The lady is painted green and when we arrived the guide told us it was 168 steps to the top of her head if we cared to make it.  I met an old maid school teacher named Miss Raines from California so we walked together single file around & around.  I got dizzy & leg weary every once & a while but there were seats all along where you could sit down & rest which we did, often.  When we reached the top, we could look out thru little windows & see her hand and the sky line of New York.  It is a beautiful sight. 

There is a park, with fountains, shrubs & flowers all around the base and Miss Raines made some pictures of me here.

(I thought is was interesting that she referred to the Statue as being painted green.  I guess the guide forgot to mention that copper has a green patina when weathered.)

It appears that her photo here had some negative issues to a degree.  I think it is Mrs. O'Brien at the left side of the photgraph on the pier.  Here's a closeup of the top portion with some darkening to bring out the detail of the boat she rode.


Snapped this while on the boat trip to the Statue of Liberty.

This was taken at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

151 ft. high - weighs 225 tons.

And here's a picture of our Mrs. O'Brien that was taken by her new friend, Miss Raines, the "old maid school teacher" from California.

What's a little interesting is that this picture of her along with the one below has pin holes at the corners.  So she had it displayed for some time previous to placing it in the scrapbook. 

Below is another picture of hers that she "attempted" to color tint.  She gets a "A" for effort.

Well, this all catches us up a little bit.  Tomorrow, we will see the third issue of the "A.G.O. Cipher", a nice postcard and Mrs. O'Brien's finest attempt at hand coloring a photgraph. 

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