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(Part 16) 1935 Trip to New York Scrapbook

Today, we have some really cool insight into the old NBC Studio"workings" that Mrs. O'Brien got to experience plus much more!....

"Visited the N.B.C. studio next.  Saw and heard several rehearsals, saw an xray of Tone.  The guide would talk and even whisper into the "Mike" and green waves were shown jumping up and down.  The guide showed us how he made different sounds.  Soldiers marching.  A lot of little blocks hitched up together and he would lift them gradually and then swiftly and it would really sound like soldiers marching.  Saw Jimmy Wallington.  He announced a program.  To make the show boat sounds - he would blow a long wooden whistle and turn a crank in some water in a small machine resembling a washing machine.  He used two plumber's friends all up & down his body to make sounds like horses prancing and trotting, gradually letting it die away.  Saw the room where Major Bowles (Bowes) program is broadcast.  About 12,000 seats with a movable stage.  Saw the switch board that tells when a tube is burntout by different colored lights.  Everything is very modern.  Visited the theatre at Radio City where Grace Moore is playing in 'Love Me Forever'.  The pile of the rug is so deep, you feel like you are wading in mud.  In the 'Lounge Room' all the lights are indirect and subdued.  People all talk in whispers.  The effect is marvelous.  The place was full of people all whispering.  Beautiful Art canvasses on the wall and large stairways and more people.  Saw black dirt that (next page) had been removed from the air by fine copper screening when reconditioning the air.  Came home and it began pouring down rain.  Put on my blue knit suit and caught a taxi with two elderly lady organists to St. Bartholomew's Church (Episcopal)."

"Fine choirs sang anthems.  The contralto soloist was especially good.  It stopped raining when we came outside so we caught a taxi with the same two ladies and came home.  Ate at the Automat and checked in at 10:30p.m.  Washed somethings and was asleep at 11p.m."


Ate breakfast at the Astor while Nita went to the business meeting at Temple Emanu-El.  I went shopping.  Went to Woolworth's - large store covering one entire block.  Then took the subway B.M.I. to Temple Emanu-El."

"Met Nita and got there (Temple Emanu-El) just in time for Mr. Courboin's and Virgil Fox's recitals.  It was good.  Virgil Fox was a wizard.  He played the Mendelsohn Sonata I am learning and it was splendid.  He has wonderful pedalling and pefect rhythm.  Had lunch at Temple Emanu-El.  The Astor sent the food over - along with their waiters.  We had three kinds of sliced meat.  I thought one kind was ham, but a Jewish lady sitting at one table assured me it was corned beef."


So how about all that?  Mrs. O'Brien had a lot to say on these pages.  We only have about 8 pages left in the scrapbook.  It's almost over for those that might be bored at this point.  I figured it was best to do the whole scrapbook together rather than breaking it up on the blog.  That way the story stays fresh.  See y'all tomorrow!

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Reader Comments (1)

In my opinion, this is the best one yet. I loved her recollection of visiting the NBC studios. And she ate at the automat -

November 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChristine

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