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Follow Me on Pinterest is a daily blog of all things old produced on paper in some manner.  You can expect things showing up like postcards, old books, photographs, magazine advertisements, cookbooks, souvenir postcard folders, brochures, catalogs, and just about anything else that's dusty (maybe wrinkled) and on paper.  Feel free to comment, sign the guestbook or link the posts to your Facebook wall or anywhere by using "Share Article" below each post.  Thanks for stopping by and check back each day!



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A Guide to Garden Flowers

Here's a little book that I ran across while out looking for whatever grabbed me.  I'm a sucker for great, old illustrated books.  Plus, I like digging around in the backyard and seeing what will grow and what won't.  This little book was by T. H. Everitt, horticulturist for the New York Botanical Garden and was published by the Whitman Publishing Co. of Racine, Wisconsin and was copyrighted in 1945.  Illustrations were produced by Rudolf Freund.   It was a "companion book" to Two Guides to Wild Flowers:  Field Flowers - Woodland Flowers.   62 pages with a glossary and index in the back.  These pages would have made great little prints to frame but it received some damage on the pages at some point.  Looks like water damage.  But to me, it's just "character".


Land Mines & Booby Traps! Oh My!

This jovial book on a serious matter was something I picked up at one of the many antique spots a few years back.  I couldn't pass it up because of the unique approach to the deadly subject.  With humor to encourage the soldier to continue to read, the book also gets serious and identifies many different mines and booby traps made by the Germans and Japanese.  It also features several scenarios of booby trap setups.  War Department Pamphlet No. 21-23.  81 pages.  Measures 4.25" wide by 5.25" tall.


Anton Pieck Postcard

A beautiful postcard of an illustration by Anton Pieck.  "Halig Nieuwjaar".  Anton Pieck is one of my favorite illustrators.  He had a very "Dickens" style.  Most of his illustrations were picked up by a lot of crafty folks and used to decoupage wooden boxes and purses.  They were also used in paper tole art.  Folks would take several of the same prints and make layers by cuttin out certain parts of the illustration and would then frame the layers stacked.  It gave a false semi-3-D effect.  I collected several of these back in the day that people had created using Anton Pieck illustrations.  I'll be presenting one pretty soon.  So keep checking back!