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Follow Me on Pinterest is a daily blog of all things old produced on paper in some manner.  You can expect things showing up like postcards, old books, photographs, magazine advertisements, cookbooks, souvenir postcard folders, brochures, catalogs, and just about anything else that's dusty (maybe wrinkled) and on paper.  Feel free to comment, sign the guestbook or link the posts to your Facebook wall or anywhere by using "Share Article" below each post.  Thanks for stopping by and check back each day!



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Wednesday Photo Caption

(If my memory backs me up) I plan on featuring photographs on Wednesdays and let you fine folks caption them or explain them.  Who knows what the subject will be, but our first one is an interesting one!  I know the water shortages in areas are bad, but isn't this a bit drastic?

So, let's hear your captions!


Arizona Petrified Forest Large Letter Postcard

I ran across this nice large letter postcard on my recent journey and had to grab it to show it here on PaperSponge.  I hope you enjoy it.

"The Petrified Forest of Arizona is probably the most puzzling area of all the Southwestern Wonderland.  It comprises many thousands of acres, all accessible from Highway 66 and Holbrook, Ariz., 100 miles east of the Grand Canyon and 250 miles west of Albuquerque, N.M., and is a National Monument under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.Bl


1966 Servicemen and 25th Anniversary Savings Bond Stamp

This post is in conjunction with Sunday Stamps #26 over at Viridian's Postcard Blog celebrating patriotic stamps.  Be sure to head over there and check out all the other fine posts participating in the group this week.

Today's post is a patriotic stamp of the United States from 1966.  It highlights our servicemen; "We Appreciate Our Servicemen" and celebrates the 25-anniversary of the United States Savings Bonds Program.

The stamp was released on October 26, 1966 in Sioux City, Iowa.  120 million stamps were produced in the first printing.  The stamp was designed by Stevan Dohanos, a member of the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.  The idea for the stamp was concieved by the students of North Junior High School in Sioux City.  The stamps were released in panes of 50 stamps.