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Follow Me on Pinterest is a daily blog of all things old produced on paper in some manner.  You can expect things showing up like postcards, old books, photographs, magazine advertisements, cookbooks, souvenir postcard folders, brochures, catalogs, and just about anything else that's dusty (maybe wrinkled) and on paper.  Feel free to comment, sign the guestbook or link the posts to your Facebook wall or anywhere by using "Share Article" below each post.  Thanks for stopping by and check back each day!



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Alice & Jerry - "Round About"

It's not Dick & Jane, but Alice & Jerry.  Maybe they were cousins.  I have a ton of children's books with this style of illustrations.  What most folks call the "Dick & Jane" style of illustrations.  I'll have some Dick & Jane books on here soon enough from the collection.  Most books from this era didn't have such great covers like this one.  This one definitely stands out.  The most recent copyright on it is 1957.  It was published by Row, Peterson & Co. with illustrations by Florence and Margaret Hoopes.  Florence & Margaret did a good bit of the Jerry & Alice illustrations for the publishing company in this early reader series.  I couldn't find much else on the artistic duo, but they were definitely talented as seen in this 208 page book.


Big Catch in Maine

Makes me want to head to Maine!  If fishing were that easy, we'd all be doing it.  I pulled this postcard for the blog simply because of the great layout of the postcard.  Great, rich colors.  The postcard is unused and the corners actually held up pretty well.  Someone took care of this one.  Last one to Maine is a rotten egg!!


Cubmaster's Pack Book for the Boy Scouts

Okay, who out there was in the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts?  We all had our handbooks for the different levels and such.  You could do everything from tie a special knot to building a lean-to to sleep under!  This here is a Cubmaster's book and has a copyright of 1954.  This is my only hardbound scout book.  My others are the various other books from different years in soft covers.  This hardcover is full of photos of scouts performing numerous tasks and having a good time.  It also includes the traditional illustrations throughout the book that most all scout books feature.  How about that race car in the photo!  I never built one of those, but my son and I did for during his scouting period.  (We won!.....I mean he won!)