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Follow Me on Pinterest is a daily blog of all things old produced on paper in some manner.  You can expect things showing up like postcards, old books, photographs, magazine advertisements, cookbooks, souvenir postcard folders, brochures, catalogs, and just about anything else that's dusty (maybe wrinkled) and on paper.  Feel free to comment, sign the guestbook or link the posts to your Facebook wall or anywhere by using "Share Article" below each post.  Thanks for stopping by and check back each day!



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Certificate of Award for Attendance - Guy Fogel

Coming to you from 1905 are two Certificate of Award slips issued to Guy Fogel.  Unfortunately, we don't know what school or town this was from.  It was Dist. 98 and the teacher appeared to be Jos. B. Wine.  One certificate was issued on September 29 and the other on March 20.

The artwork on the top of each certificate is what really drew me to these old slips.  On the top slip, it states that "Pupils Earning 6 Certificates During Year Will Receive A Large Certificate From Superintendent."


Chop & Hoe Garden Club 1956-1957 Directory

Here's a neat little tidbit representing the formality of some social organizations of the past.  Through some research, I think this might be a garden club out of Wichita, Kansas or around that area.  I've also got the directory for 1957-1958.

The directory measures 4" wide.  It features the officers and chairmen in the front and then proceeds with the members and their birthday, anniversary, address and phone number.  Talk about a social calendar!  It's a very impressive membership.  Small advertisements were sold at the bottom of each page to probably pay for the printing of the directory and to support the club.

"'Want A Perfect Spring Garden?'  First, plant five rows of peas, Preparedness, Promptness, Perseverance, Politeness, and Prayer.  Next to them plant three rows of squash: squash gossip, squash criticism, and squash indifference.  The five rows of lettuce:  let us be faithful, let us be unselfish, let us be loyal, let us be truthful, let us love one another.  And no garden is complete without turnips:  turn up for club, turn up with a smile, turn up wiht determination."  -- Cravens.

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